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Representing your interests in Washington, D.C.
In this time of uncertainty, having a voice on Capitol Hill and within Washington is a business insurance policy against being on the receiving end of news that could be harmful or damaging to your business or organization's best interest. As stated by some, 'you can either be at the table, can be on the menu." We are here to help. You also may be desiring a change in the status quo or a change in current regulations or legislation. We can assist you, your cause, your organization or non-profit with that endeavor. 

Advocating for research funding and healthcare legislation.

For the past several years, we have been representing the kidney cancer community in an effort in to garner research funding for this under funded disease. In May, 2017, we were successful in having $10 million appropriated for kidney cancer research. Let us explain the process that went into obtaining the funding.





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Legislative filings and bill activity happen daily.

Let us help you with identification, tracking and analysis of pertinent legislation.


We work with you and your communication team to craft and deliver your message.


It is everyone's constitutional right to petition their government representatives. Let's discuss how your issues can be heard on Capitol Hill.



Our resources can support or implement a constituent & stakeholder advocacy event in D.C. Strategic meetings and related events can be customized for your audience.



Understanding the landscape of D.C. and the stakeholders involved in your issues is step 1.
Researching, developing and implementing a strategy is what we do to help your business succeed. 


Let us arrange an educational advocacy event that amplifies your message and creates an opportunity to network with key voices in Washington, D.C.


These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another;
— Zechariah 8:16


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